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Off Grid Clean Energy Facility

2017 - ongoing

Implementing agencies
MCA-Benin II and NIRAS Finland Oy 

African partners

Names of African partners involved
Government of Benin

Donor involvement (incl. IOs)
Single donor

Names of donors involved (incl. IOs
Millennium Challenge Corporation

Geographical scope

Countries where active

Renewables, Energy Efficiency

Sub Sectors (Electricity)
Mini-grids, Stand-alone off-grid

Type of intervention
Operative program / delivery mechanism (downstream)

Type of technical assistance
Project preparation / implementation

Gender focus

Climate focus

Type of financing

Main objectives
The Off Grid Clean Energy Facility (OCEF) is a 32 million USD Challenge Fund, financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation and implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account Benin-II to support sustainable off grid Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) projects in Benin.

Main activities
OCEF is a competitive grant mechanism which funds innovative and financially sustainable projects for clean energy production off the national electricity grid an energy efficiency in Benin via grants. Besides grants, the Facility also provides Technical Assistance to project developers to help them meet the donor’s requirements and ensure projects’ sustainability.  



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