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Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance (SUNREF)

2015 - Ongoing

Implementing agencies

African partners
Government, Private sector

Names of African partners involved
Local and regional financial institutions

Donor involvement (incl. IOs)
Multi-donor, Multilaterals involved, Bilaterals involved

Names of donors involved (incl. IOs
France, EU, French Facility for Global Environment, EIB, EBRD, SECO

Geographical scope

Countries where active

Renewables, Energy Efficiency

Sub Sectors (Electricity)

Type of intervention
Operative program / delivery mechanism (downstream)

Type of technical assistance
Dialogue and networking, Information and analysis, Policy support / institution building, Project preparation / implementation, Skill development / training

Gender focus

Climate focus

Type of financing
Grant, Debt, Guarantee

Main objectives
SUNREF helps private actors of the South seizing the opportunities of the ecological transition and encourages local banks to finance it on customized financial terms.To support private investments in renewable energy,renewable energy, and environmental protection,AFD supports local financial insitutions in allocating financial supports, and thus supports the transition towards a greener model.

Main activities
The aim is to meet the demand of partner banks and project initiators: - The financial approach involves providing local partner banks with long-term loans (green credit lines). These loans can be allocated on favorable terms on the basis of certain criteria (maturity of green financing market, type of investment, target client base); - The technical approach aims to support and scale up the market for green investment financing by assisting banks in project financing and building the capacities of companies to implement strategies for an optimized use of energy and natural resources.



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