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Seed Capital Assistance Facility (SCAF), phase II

2014 - 2022

Implementing agencies
FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre

African partners
Private sector

Names of African partners involved
Investment funds such as Frontier Investment Management, Inspired Evolution Investment Management, Berkley Energy, Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital Managers, JCM Power, Zoscales Partners, GreenWish Partners

Donor involvement (incl. IOs)
Multi-donor, Multilaterals involved, Bilaterals involved

Names of donors involved (incl. IOs
UNEP, ADB, AfDB. GEF and UN Foundation (Phase I), UK and Germany (Phase II)

Geographical scope

Countries where active

Renewables, Electricity

Sub Sectors (Electricity)
Grid connected generation

Type of intervention
Operative program / delivery mechanism (downstream)

Type of technical assistance

Gender focus

Climate focus

Type of financing
Grant, Equity, Debt

Main objectives
To increase the availability of investment for early-stage development of low-carbon projects in developing countries, contributing to low-carbon sustainable development, economic growth, poverty reduction and climate change mitigation.

Main activities
SCAF addresses this financing gap by providing financial support on a cost-sharing and co-financing basis to low-carbon projects via conditional grants, private equity funds, venture capital funds and project development companies.



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