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Benin Power Compact

2017 - 2022

Implementing agencies

African partners

Names of African partners involved
Government of Benin

Donor involvement (incl. IOs)
Single donor, Bilaterals involved

Names of donors involved (incl. IOs

Geographical scope

Countries where active

Renewables, Electricity, Energy Efficiency

Sub Sectors (Electricity)
Electricity system, Grid connected generation, Mini-grids, Stand-alone off-grid

Type of intervention
Operative program / delivery mechanism (downstream)

Type of technical assistance
Information and analysis, Policy support / institution building, Project preparation / implementation, Skill development / training

Gender focus

Climate focus

Type of financing

Main objectives
The MCC Benin Power Compact aims at improving the quantity and quality of electricity to expand business production and productivity, generate greater economic opportunities for households, and improve provide public service delivery.

Main activities
The Compact consists of four components: 1) Policy Reform and Institutional Strengthening Project to improve the management and operations of Benin's electricity utility (SBEE), strengthen electricity regulation, ensure sustainble financing for the sector through tariff reform, promote energy efficiency, establish an enabling environment for Independent Power Producers, and inform the public on energy issues 2) Electricity Generation Project to build 45 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity and rehabilitate a 1 MW hydroelectric plan 3) Electricity Distribution Project to strengthen Benin's distribution network in and around Cotonou and cities in northern Benin and construct of a national dispatch control center, along with the installation of SCADA/DMS and associated telecommunication network in order to reduce losses, improve system reliability, reduce outages, and expand network capacity to accommodate rapidly growing demand 4) Off-Grid Electricity Access Project to create an enabling environment for off-grid electricity, as well as co-fund private sector investment in off- grid electrication through the Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility.



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