Access to sustainable energy has undoubtedly gained political recognition since 2012, specifically marked by the adoption of SDG7 and the launch of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL).

With the global impetus towards achieving the goals set, an increasing number of stakeholders are working in this sector, delivering on initiatives and programmes specifically in Africa.

This website aims to improve the accessibility and reliability of information to promote coordination between stakeholders across the energy sector in Africa. In delivering up-to-date and verified data on financing mechanisms that support improved energy access, partnerships and synergies can be formed, and market gaps more effectively targeted.

All implementing agencies have been requested to validate the data included in this database.

Investments in the energy sector are being prioritized as a precondition to sustainable development by many African governments, regional organizations, as well as the international donor community. Thus, numerous initiatives have been started with the common goal of bolstering and supporting the continent in reaching a sustainable energy future. Therefore, it is important to know who is doing what to highlight opportunities, synergies and overlaps within Africa’s energy sector.

A mapping of energy initiatives in Africa was undertaken by the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) with the input of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Africa Hub in 2015/2016. The mapping report describes more than 50 international and multilateral renewable energy, energy efficiency and access to energy initiatives and programmes in Africa. Although a significant amount of information was collected, there is still a significant number of initiatives that were not included due to a lack of publicly available data, as well as new initiatives that have been launched since the release of the first report.

Through this online database, the AEEP and SE4All Africa Hub will systematically update relevant information. As a stakeholder in the sector you can search the database, generating information that suits your needs. In this way, we promote coordination between stakeholders to meet the AEEP 2020, SE4ALL SDG 7 and Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) targets.

Which initiatives are included in the database?
The following initiatives are included:
  • Initiatives and programmes that have been officially launched and are on-going (i.e. planned initiatives or initiatives which are not active anymore are not included);
  • Initiatives and programmes covering all energy sub-sectors except for initiatives or programmes focused exclusively on large-scale fossil-based energy (coal, oil, gas) and/or nuclear energy;
  • Initiatives and programmes with a high ambition in terms of:
    • Anticipated results and outcomes;
    • Significant confirmed funding according to type of initiative (see below).
Requirements for each type of initiative:
  • Multi-country initiatives and programmes, including single-country initiatives or programmes with a planned multi-country roll-out;
    • Initiatives and programmes supported by Pan-African public actors and / or international development partners (donors and implementers);
    • High ambition in terms of anticipated results and outcomes (i.e. the expected beneficiaries measure in the 100,000’s);
    • Significant confirmed funding: at least 5 million EUR for TA-only initiatives; at least 20 million EUR for financing instruments.
  • Bilateral initiatives and programmes;
    • High ambition in terms of anticipated results and outcomes (i.e. the expected beneficiaries measure in the 100,000’s);
    • Significant confirmed funding: at least 1 million EUR for TA-only initiatives; at least 10 million EUR for financing instruments.
  • Country-level initiatives and programmes;
    • Ambition in terms of anticipated results and outcomes;
    • Dedicated funding confirmed for the initiatives and programmes.
Climate initiatives are included only if they contain a specific support mechanism or focus on energy.

If you would like to include or update an initiative in the database, you can download a form here:
Please complete the form with all information required and send to: info@aeep-secretariat.org.

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